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 benefits and limitations of using freehand sketch

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hi every one>>

this is the answer of one of the "p" questions..

Good LucK

Explain the benefits and limitations of using pictorial

techniques to represent a given engineering component?

The main
advantage is that it is quick and easy to put your design or idea on paper.
Another advantage of drawing free hand is that you can see what you are doing
and how it's coming along. A mechanical orthographic drawing doesn't have that
advantage. It can be very accurately but it can be quite hard to understand if
you don't have a basic mechanical understanding or if you're dealing with engineers
or technical people such as engineers. This can be because of the various
orthographic views it can be difficult to get a clear picture of how the
different views fit together to form the final part of a product. Also the
orthographic drawings can get cluttered more easily than free hand drawings.
The pictorial techniques can also be colored and shaded to give it a better
look which helps it to be more visually understandable. With free hand you can
also draw it to scale.


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benefits and limitations of using freehand sketch
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