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 Mass of the body is the quantity of matter it contains.
 The units of mass is Kg .
 Force is the effect on the body if the body is moving it will change its speed or stop it If the body at rest it will move.
 Torque is the combination of force applied at a point with the right angle (perpendicular) distance from that point to the axis of rotation.
 Friction is a force tangential to the surface has to be overcome before relative motion can take place between the bodies
 Friction coefficient(m) :is a constant which depends on the nature of the pair of surfaces in contact

 The weight is the gravity force for the body.
 Velocity is speed plus directional information.
 Speed is the rate of motion, Speed = distance / time.
 Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity.
 Displacement is the shortest distance between two points.
 Distance is the total distance which a body travelled between two points.
 The density of a substance of uniform composition is defined as its mass per unit volume.
 Relative density is the ratio between density of a material and density of water.
 Pressure is The force exerted by a fluid on a submerged object at any point if perpendicular to the surface of the object.
 Power is the rate of doing work its unit of measurement is watt.
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الحمد لله ان احنا عدينا منها بسلامة
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انا لسه ها جربها
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